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As seen in the media

Through Cropspot, farmers have a better chance of selling niche products directly to the end customer," says von Weichs. "Traders, in turn, can expand their sourcing radius to regions beyond their home territory.

Agrarzeitung, 26.2.2021

"Buyers and sellers find each other via a search function that filters by products, location and price expectations, among other things."


"In addition to the usual advantages of digitization (time savings, extended radius of action, reduced susceptibility to errors, lower costs, individuality through needs-based input), the main one is maximum product and price transparency. In addition, cropspot enables successful sales of niche products."

TopAgrar, 1.3.2021

"Whether it's the marketing of harvested products or the purchase of feed grain: markets differ from region to region. This start-up wants to help overcome regional structures and trade the goods in the best possible way."

agrarheute, 20.01.2020

"cropspot is aimed at farms and companies in the agricultural value chain who value high-quality services and for whom cost-efficient and environmentally conscious processing is important."


"This form of trade shows that digitasation is making further progress and can have positive effects on the economic success of any agricultural enterprise."


"The importance of trading platforms on the Internet continues to grow. The reasons for this are the structural change in agriculture and an increasing affinity of customers for online business."

Bauernzeitung, 26.03.2021

"To market the wheat, the farmer must actively engage with the market. The cropspot platform is designed to help him do this."

Bauernzeitung, 03.02.2020

"In addition to the usual advantages of digitisation, the platform has the great added value for the user of creating maximum product and market price transparency."

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