cropspot is one of the pioneers of digital transformation in agricultural trading. We are a digital platform that offers efficient solutions for trading agricultural commodities, promoting a more transparent cash market. cropspot is independent, easy to use and mobile available.


A transparent, sustainable and profitable value chain in agriculture for all stakeholders - that is our vision. We are building a holistic ecosystem to digitise elementary processes in the agricultural economy and thus harmonise the three pillars of economy, ecology and social welfare. This not only benefits the direct market participants, because a better agricultural economy improves the security of supply for society as a whole.


We work every day to further develop our platform so that our users can trade their agricultural commodities efficiently and in the best possible way. This includes improving the decision-making of trading parties, increasing market transparency and supporting trade execution with data-driven, innovative technologies in combination with industry-specific domain knowledge. The constant further development of the algorithms is based on the latest technology and expertise and is continuously optimised via customer feedback. The large number of users also forms a valuable basis for expanding further services and extending the product range.

our values


Better decision-making and comparability through daily access to live spot market prices for agricultural commodities.


The cropspot team consists mainly of farmers and traders who are closely involved in the industry.


The highest national standards with regard to IT security and data protection conformity are a matter of course for us.


A personal contact person is available at all times and we provide support not only with questions about the market, but also with billing and settlement issues.


No entry barriers and intuitive operation make it easy to get started with cropspot.


Transparent and trusting cooperation both with our clients and within our team is very important to us.

Maximilian v. Weichs
M.Sc. Pflanzenbau

Comes from a farm in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

"As farmers and traders, we are customers of our own idea. Since our founding in 2019, we have been working to become the most modern and innovative trading platform for agricultural commodities."
Georg Schulze-Ardey
B.Sc. in Agribusiness

Farmer with digital affinity and sales DNA

"We don't accept the status quo, but want to use innovative approaches to find solutions and see things evolve for the better."
Friederike v. Grawert
M.Sc. in Agribusiness

Sound knowledge of agricultural banking and business consulting

"We have found a way to make the process of agricultural commodity trading intuitive in an online platform. In doing so, we do not accept the status quo, but want to see how things develop for the better."
Tobias Fallmeier
M.Sc. in Agribusiness

International professional experience in agricultural trade and sworn judge at the Court of Arbitration of the Grain Exchange in Hamburg

"We are transforming agricultural commodity trading and building the commodity marketplace of the future to bring the agricultural market into the digital age!"
Philip v. Berg
B.Sc. in Agribusiness

Sales specialist with experience in agricultural practice

"Agricultural commodity trading is a traditional and conservative market. We have set out to digitise this market and change old fashioned processes."
Richard Renz
Dipl. Wirtschaftsingenieur

High affinity for numbers and sound knowledge of financial controlling

"We are driven by the challenge of turning a good idea into a successful product in a sluggish market that promises greater efficiency for both farmers and traders."