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Maximilian v. Weichs


General questions
What is cropspot
Is cropspot independent?
Who is behind cropspot?
Who can use cropspot?
Does cropspot itself trade in goods?
In which languages is cropspot available?
How much does it cost to use cropspot?
How is the placement fee calculated and who pays it?
Is the agency fee transferred separately to cropspot or is it automatically deducted from the account?
Questions about the cropspot Web-App
How can I register?
I have forgotten my password, how can i reset it?
Which products can be traded on cropspot?
How can you advertise your goods on cropspot?
Do I automatically receive offers on my advertisements?
Who can bid on my advertisements?
Can anyone on cropspot see my address?
What do I have to do if I receive a price on one of my advertisements?
What happens if I accept an offered price?
Definitions of terms
What does unit conditions mean?
What is the meaning of the addition unit terms following purchase terms?
What payment methods are available?
What do the different dates mean when advertising?
What is the difference between Franko and Frei Fuhre?
What is the Matif?
What is meant by premium?
What does premium-based indication mean?